Bring on the New Year!

Finishing 2014 with a bang! Here we are at our live TV appearance on TCL.

Needless to say there has been much said and written about ringing in the year, the year in review, pictures of 2014 and of course the ever popular resolutions. Personally we like what the Washington Post had to say yesterday, about it being more fun to break resolutions. However, now that we are all a bit older and definitely wiser, our choices have become much more healthy and pragmatic to some degree.

You’re Never too Old to Rock & Roll!

Founder and Artistic Director Michael Matthew Ferrell & Co-Creator/Music Director Jason Hansen have us all in drill.

We have been practicing each and every week from 10-2pm and when it’s time to memorize songs…they mean it. “There will not be any song books people. We are professionals!”, announces Michael at the rehearsal this week.  The Ferrell/Hansen duo are well-known theater and music professionals in our ever impressive Twin Cities performing art scene. Their talent, drive and commitment shows through not only in their craft but through their hearts as well. They are the certainly the “secret sauce” to our lightning in a bottle appeal.

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