Twin Cities’ Premiere Rockin Senior Ensemble’s Annual Theatrical Event

Alive & Kickin, the beloved twenty-eight member senior ensemble, led by award-winning Artistic Director Michael Matthew Ferrell and Co-creator/Musical Director Jason Hansen, is set to launch their full-scale theatrical event, “Winds of Change”. The show is a heartwarming performance filled with captivating personal stories about social advancements set to inspiring music of the ages performed by a cast unlike any you’ve ever seen before.


“Duets” by Alive & Kickin at the Varsity Theater

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Alive & Kickin is billed as “the Twin Cities’ premiere rockin’ senior ensemble group.” I’m not sure there’s a whole lot of competition in that category, but the women and men of Alive & Kickin’ are most definitely awesome. For the past five years, Michael Matthew Ferrell (Theater Latte Da’s resident choreographer) has led this talented group of singers ranging in age from 60s to 90s, with music direction by Jason Hansen. With talent like that behind them, this group is no joke. They sing a variety of classic rock and pop songs, or as this musical theater geek likes to call them, Glee songs. In fact, Michael Matthew Ferrell is a little like the Mr. Schuester of senior citizens. I imagine them gathered in their choir room every week, learning a life lesson through the music of Queen or Katie Perry or Lady Gaga. Except in this case, it’s the seniors who are the teachers with their years of life experience. One of Alive & Kickin’s goals is to give voice to senior citizens, an important but often ignored segment of our society. This week they performed at the Varsity Theater with some of the Twin Cities’ top talent from the world of music and theater, sponsored and emceed by myTalk 107.1, to raise money for a permanent choir room, er… rehearsal space.

TC Musicians Take the Stage with A&K!


In a little more than 24 hours and we will all travel down to the Varisty Theater to put on a show like no other. The cast has been working 4-hour rehearsal days to bring us all an unforgettable night of music. Tickets to “Duets” can be found by clicking here. Part of this experience that has made it unforgettable for us is being able to work with the countless people behind the scenes: myTalk 107.1 staff has been phenomenal in their support on-air and off, Lola Red Public Relations, the TV stations, Heritage Park Senior Service Center for rehearsal space and hospitality, Rock the Cause…the list goes on and on. For the last few weeks, we have been literally reduced to tears…moved and blown away by the talent that has come to share our gifts with us each week at rehearsal. We are so excited to share this experience with you.

Bring on the New Year!

Finishing 2014 with a bang! Here we are at our live TV appearance on TCL.

Needless to say there has been much said and written about ringing in the year, the year in review, pictures of 2014 and of course the ever popular resolutions. Personally we like what the Washington Post had to say yesterday, about it being more fun to break resolutions. However, now that we are all a bit older and definitely wiser, our choices have become much more healthy and pragmatic to some degree.

You’re Never too Old to Rock & Roll!

Founder and Artistic Director Michael Matthew Ferrell & Co-Creator/Music Director Jason Hansen have us all in drill.

We have been practicing each and every week from 10-2pm and when it’s time to memorize songs…they mean it. “There will not be any song books people. We are professionals!”, announces Michael at the rehearsal this week.  The Ferrell/Hansen duo are well-known theater and music professionals in our ever impressive Twin Cities performing art scene. Their talent, drive and commitment shows through not only in their craft but through their hearts as well. They are the certainly the “secret sauce” to our lightning in a bottle appeal.

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