2018 Show: “Flashback”

Welcome to Flashback

This show begins with stuffed peppers. My stepmom, Cyndy would make them every weekend – and they were good, people — blue-ribbon-at-the-state-fair good. To this day, even though Cyndy is gone, whenever I smell the rich, herbal aroma of stuffed peppers, see one behind the counter of deli, or read about them on a restaurant menu, I think of Cyndy: carefully lifting one out of the pyrex with a spatula and a fork to put on my plate. That is what I call a Flashback: something simple that brings back a memory or a story. For me, it’s Cyndy’s stuffed peppers. For others, it might be a butterfly in the garden or the sound of rain on an attic roof. Memories are potent, powerful things.

2017 Show: “Unsung Heroes”

A musical theater experience like no other!

The rockin senior ensemble, 60-99+ years young, presented an ALL NEW show, that was an eclectic blend of popular songs from contemporary artists combined with heartfelt, honest and raw emotion-filled personal stories from our senior cast. It truly was an ethereal experience that captivated and exhilarated!

2016 Featured Show


“The 60’s” was a powerful vibe of music, touching personal stories about living in the 60’s and being over the age of 60. Alive & Kickin performed to more than 2,800 people over the two-week run. Every performance was a sell-out audience with multiple standing ovations and many first-time visitors. We are left humbled and inspired. We have heard from many of you –  in emails, after the show and on our Facebook, this was a “MUST SEE” experience that touched hearts of all ages. 

Psychedelic Photoshoot on the Farm

Photos by Tom Sandelands

Connecting with our fans is just one more perk of leading a rockin roll senior ensemble.  The interesting characters, the talent, the stories and kindness keep us all motivated to bring our inspirational message to the masses. We are continually trying to find ways to connect with fans and an event that continues to be super successful each year is the Cast Party.

A Night to Remember!

On Stage with Alison Scott.

We rocked the house last night at “Alison Scott’s Soulful Christmas”, a holiday tradition for fans across the midwest. The wonderful experience started from the moment our directors, 
cast & crew walked in the door. Michael helped set the stage and warm-ups ran smoothly as well. Alive & Kickin was in the house and we were ready to shake the rafters as Alison’s guests.

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