Dick Olson

I have always loved vocal music. The big bands & vocalists of the ’40s. The ballads and Harmonic quartets of the ’50s followed by the start of rock & roll. Broadway & movie show tunes provided good “singable” music. I sang in the glee club all through high school and college. After that, the music changed and so did I. Heavy metal and noisy lyrics took over. Business & family occupied my life. My singing was limited to the car or the shower.

Then in June of 2019, I attended a performance of Alive & Kickin in Bloomington. That was my kind of music and the vocalists were professional and seemed to be having a good time. Could I do that? I did get an audition and was accepted into a wonderful new adventure. Who says you have to slow down at 80+ years of age? I hope to do a romantic duet when I’m 90!

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