Bruce Bentson

I started messing around with singing some 30 or 40 years ago. Singing in church choirs, cantatas, one-man shows, and karaoke. But it was secondary in my life. For 60 years, I was an avid golfer. I played twice a week when I was working and after retirement three to four times a week. In the winter, I would go to Arizona and play even more. After all that time, the old body started to wear out. First, a shoulder went out and I had to have it replaced. Then surgery on my back. That spelled the end of my golfing days. What to do now? At a Community Theater production, one of our cast members asked me if I sang, to which I replied that I try. She was a member of A&K and suggested that I try out for the group. I did and was accepted.

Now I have a new number one passion with A&K at practices and performances. I so enjoy seeing the faces and hearing the appreciation from those we entertain. I truly believe A&K was a godsend to keep me out of trouble.

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