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Alive & Kickin is the premier senior rock group that performs around the Twin Cities, bringing joy, stories, inspiration, and music to audiences large and small. Our volunteer cast brings a considerable amount of time, talent and strong level of commitment to our mission of redefining aging, honoring seniors and inspiring everyone.  

The cast in comprised of diverse, energetic & talented singers, ages 60-99+,  with unique personalities. Each performer has the the ability to sing harmonic parts, the ability to memorize lyrics, AND the ability to make a strong commitment to the rehearsal and performance schedule. We are tenacious in our rehearsal schedules who many reports are, “the highlight of my week”. 

Every Monday from 10:00 – 2:00 you’ll find us singing at our rehearsal space in North Minneapolis at Heritage Park Health and Wellness Center. We may get a week off here and there but it’s not likely..and as we get closer to our big show in June, we will usually add a few extra rehearsals to accommodate the preparation. Additional rehearsals might also be called if we are working on a special event. Cast members are expected to work on music at home and memorize it.  Alive & Kickin does not use music when we perform.

PERFORMANCES :  These are scheduled throughout the year and mostly during the daytime hours. We are blessed to perform in senior facilities all across the state primarily due to the dedication of our team and also our gracious and generous individual donors, foundational support and our friends at Metropolitan Regional Arts Council. We also produce an original, new, full length theatrical show (the “big show”) that runs 2-3 weeks in a major theatre each year. This requires a full two week commitment. This year the dates are June 8th – June 17th 2018 and will be held at the Bloomington Center for the Arts

Auditions are typically held each year in late June after the show. If you or someone you know may be interested, please send us note at Alive & Kickin, 1015 N. 4th Ave #205, Minneapolis, MN 55405 or email us at: