2017 Show: “Unsung Heroes”

A musical theater experience like no other!

The rockin senior ensemble, 60-99+ years young, presented an ALL NEW show, that was an eclectic blend of popular songs from contemporary artists combined with heartfelt, honest and raw emotion-filled personal stories from our senior cast. It truly was an ethereal experience that captivated and exhilarated!

Many, many thanks to those who joined us and to those who were with us in spirit. It was a show we will never forget. We honored our personal HEROES and lifted voices to celebrate the personal hero in all of us. Several of the cast members were able to pull off the ultimate surprise on their heroes who came to see a performance only to learn they too were part of the show! We met many new friends, reunited with some of our “#1 Fan Clubs” (LOVE THAT!), AND rocked the socks off nearly 3,000 audience members! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We can’t wait to do it again! 

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