Jeffrey C. Nelson

Technical Director / Graphic Designer

Alive & Kickin Conductor

As Technical Director of Alive & Kickin, Jeffrey works in many facets of the group. From working in the theater and theatrical arts, studio and computer arts and program assistance, he brings years of experience to the Alive & Kickin family. A&K has been the perfect home to be able to share his many talents. Whether it’s our annual show every June, a community concert at a senior living residence or our SingOUT! program; Jeffrey is there to assist wherever he can. Jeffrey creates many of the graphics for Alive & Kickin and considers it a pleasure and truly a dream to have the privilege of creating so many rockin’ graphics for this amazing group of seniors. Jeffrey is so proud to have been on this crazy journey with Alive & Kickin since the very beginning. Cheers to Aging with style!

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