A message about COVID-19


Dear Alive & Kickin Friends and Family,

First and foremost, we hope that you and your loved ones are staying safe and healthy during this time.

Thank you for being a patron and supporter of Alive & Kickin. We cannot thank you enough for your support and for your understanding during this time. Alive & Kickin has been working long and hard to come up with alternative solutions to canceling our Annual Show “COMING OF AGE”  in June. Unfortunately, due to CDC and Minnesota Department of Health recommendations and for the safety of our patrons and cast members, we have had to make a disappointing and heartbreaking choice to cancel our performances.  

What can YOU do to support Alive & Kickin?


If you were planning on attending “COMING OF AGE”, please consider making a donation in the amount of your intended ticket purchase. Our shows account for approximately ⅓ of our annual budget. Your gift today will help ensure that Alive & Kickin can come out on the other side of this pandemic and sing for you once again.


Become an A&K Champion!  A&K Champion’s make up our NEW monthly giving program. As a non-profit organization, individual donations are an essential and integral part of fulfilling our mission. Recurring Monthly Donations will afford us peace of mind as we forge ahead in our mission to serve seniors. We have established a goal of 250 NEW A&K Champions to commit to $15-25/month.

Sending you immense gratitude and love. 

Stay well,

Michael, the A&K Staff, and all of the Rockin Seniors we serve.


Dear Alive & Kickin Friends and Family,

You are all in our thoughts during this uncertain time.  We hope that you are staying healthy, staying safe and protecting yourselves.

Alive & Kickin is and will continue to monitor all CDC and MDH information and updates during the Corona Virus pandemic.  Following recommendations, Alive & Kickin has had to suspend all rehearsals and cancel the current schedule of Community Concerts, Fundraising Events and postpone the upcoming inter-generational collaboration with Stages Theatre Company, Peace 4 the Ages.  Sadly, with our county in turmoil, we could all use a bit of PEACE in our lives right now.

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, we have lost crucial revenue sources through our Community Concerts, Fundraising Events and Upcoming Shows. We are asking for your immediate support to help us continue to care for our Seniors during this time. Your urgent donation is especially imperative to us right now.

Seniors are not only the most vulnerable high-risk group for the Corona Virus but they are also often one of the most isolated populations. Part of our mission at Alive & Kickin is to bring Seniors out of isolation and be the face of what it means to age defiantly in today’s world. The Corona Virus will not stop us from smashing the stereotypes around aging and honoring our Seniors.

The Alive & Kickin staff is working tirelessly to keep our Seniors engaged and connected. We need to keep providing a sense of community for each other in times when we are all social distancing and may feel afraid and alone. We all know that a sense of community is a powerful and healing balm and we aim high to make sure that our community remains intact. 


As we continue to lose vital revenue from mandated cancellations and Loss of Arts Funding we are in critical need of support to ensure that we are able to continue our mission.
We cannot do this without our staff. Many arts organizations are in similar circumstances and need to lay off their staff during Covid-19. At Alive & Kickin we are a small but mighty team; each and every individual is essential to keep our mission moving forward.
We are as committed to our staff as they are to Seniors Everywhere.
But we can’t do it without YOU. Your donation today is critical.

Your financial gift of support during this time is crucial. Thank you for your continued support of our Senior members. You are helping to Redefine Aging, Honor Seniors and Inspire Everyone.

JOIN US in our charge to change the way people think about growing older!

Alive & Kickin is made possible by people like you.

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