Making a Difference in the Lives of Youth and Elders

When these teens and seniors got together to build, not only lasting friendships but to create a live event, based on their individual visions of peace, the energy was electrifying. The magic began when they connected in rehearsals, sharing their own personal experiences, bringing them to life through music, dance, poetry, and video. And then it happened…10 days before opening night the pandemic changed the course of their lives, their work…and the world. Like so many others, the performance was postponed indefinitely. 

After months of listening, “really listening,” and singing and dancing together through laughter, tears, and hugs, this large, boisterous, multi-generational family gathering was suddenly splintered into individual tiny boxes on a Zoom screen. Right now, this is the only way they can share their voices with you. 

If you were moved by this peace-filled moment, please support these two non-profit theatres making a difference in the lives of youth and elders.

UPDATES concerning COVID-19

UPDATES concerning

You are all in our thoughts during this uncertain time. We hope that you are staying healthy, staying safe and protecting yourselves.

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Alive & Kickin is made possible by people like you. THANK YOU for helping us to REDEFINE AGING, HONOR SENIORS and INSPIRE EVERYONE.
About Us

About Us

Alive & Kickin focuses on providing exceptional entertainment while combining the healing power of the arts for both the cast members as well as the audience.


View inspiring videos and photos from past performances, rehearsals, community events and more.

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    Alive & Kickin is made possible by people like you.

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